I write articles about a number of topics and have included a few of my most recent articles here.

It is always an honor to interview experts in the beef cattle industry who are always willing to share up-to-date information as well as future trends, both of which are important to cattle producers. I recently interviewed Dr. Temple Grandin for an article about Cargill's innovative robot that will be used in packing houses, and later in feedyard settings. My recent piece about value-added programs that appeared in Progressive Cattleman, will also appear in Jared E Decker's blog, "A Steak in Genomics ™. I've covered innovative Allflex SenseTime™ ear tags and Shade Haven portable shade units for Calf News. I'll be adding genomics and supplement articles for your reading pleasure. Stay tuned for new articles!

Upcoming articles include winter supplement strategies for Working Ranch Magazine and fake meat for Calf News.  Stay tuned.