About Me

As a freelance writer, I love to tackle new topics. I have specialized in farm and ranch business management issues as well as beef cattle supplementation, health, and commercial cattle business strategies. I also enjoy writing profiles of ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary and amazing things. 

Although I've been writing for eighteen years, I'm a farm girl, first, last and always. I grew up on our family farm that included a small cow/calf operation, and I have maintained farming and ranch contacts.

I write articles as long or short as needed and have never missed a deadline. I aim to tell interesting, "gotta read" stories that inform, educate, and inspire readers.

I've recently written articles about the importance of minerals for beef cattle in my supplement column for Working Ranch Magazine, as well as a six-part Genomics series for The Cattleman. I am a regular contributor to Working Ranch Magazine, Calf News, The Cattleman.  Recently, ProgressiveCattleman published several of my pieces, including one about value-added programs for beef cattle producers. One of my articles about eminent domain will be a chapter in an upcoming textbook. I became an international author when several of my articles were translated into Spanish and published for South American cattlemen. My article about brown fat in calves has been republished in Canada. 

For more information, check out my Contact Page.